PARKER PH GRADE DAMASCUS DBL BBL SHOTGUN. Here we present an antique Parker Brothers Grade 0 Double Barrel 12 Gauge Hammer Shotgun, Rare gun made on a #4 frame that is fresh to the market from a fine old estate collection. MAKE OFFER. : 14 Sto. Rare grade Parker built on a #3 frame with 32" twist steel bbls having matted, PARKER GRADE 1 LIFTER HAMMER DBL BBL SHOTGUN. If it is a muzzle loader the rear end if fixed. This gun remains in very good condition overall, "Parker Underlifter D-4 Grade 12 Gauge shotgun. When considering Parker shotgun grades, there are two primary concerns other than gauge. 27" octagon barrel is very good with minor wear. Combined with the Purdy style underbite, the lock up on a Parker shotgun was far stronger than needed to contain the relatively mild pressures shot shells produced. Shotgun American, late 19th century, 32-1/4 in. zella zella Work For It Tank Top in Purple Opera at Nordstrom, . VERY RARE, UNIQUE C.B. Parker - VHE Grade, SxS, 16ga. 28" Barrels Choked M/F. The three Parker Invincible Grade guns, made to celebrate the production of the 200,000th Parker Gun are in the NRA Museum Collection in Fairfax, Va. MAKE OFFER. Though the Parker Bros. lifter, external hammer design was widely popular and well regarded in the early days of production, the introduction of the hammerless, top lever actuated design swiftly took over and became the predominant version of the gun. When considering Parker shotgun grades, there are two primary concerns other than gauge. JavaScript is disabled. with a #6 frame which usually would be for a 8ga. That means the gun has damascus barrels. Capped pistol grip stock, dogs head butt pate, gold shield, Vulcan barrels 225,xxx serial number, 1 frame, double triggers. It shows some pitting (read more) Gun #: 984918524. is new - please read the following: Like I said, the gun is with a friend of ours and not much info on it or markings? I will make my "splash" in the world in other fashion. Small and large purveyors of the shooting sports, gunsmiths and even some manufacturers still call Connecticut home, though many more have gone the way of the passenger pigeon, as is the case with the subject of this article the Parker shotgun. I would be appreciative of any information. . Gun remains in very nice original condition overall. If it was made in the United States or Canada there will be no proof marks. This is done by firing the gun with an over load called proofing and if it does not blow up it has passed proofing. Beautiful 4x Wood, Double Triggers. Click on the results to view more details Their address is: Thank you so much for all the info! Outdoor Hub, LLC (d/b/a Carbon Media Group), 30800 Telegraph Rd, Suite 1921, Bingham Farms, MI 48025 USA. Laminated steel barrels! Great overview of the Parker. Full coverag, PARKER BROS. GHE - 30"SPEC. Here is the original source of the photos: Good information! Rare #4 Frame 10ga Grade 2 Top Lever Parker Hammer Gun - A true tank of a gun at 11lbs 8oz! The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. PARKER SxS BLACK POWDER SHOTGUN, 12GA, 32" FINE LONDON TWIST BARRELS. Parker - DHE Grade, SxS, 0 Frame, 20ga. 8 importance of sanitation brainly. 10 ga. SN 135735. Post some pictures and we could probably help you more. 12 Gauge Fine Twist Percussion Gun. Parker London Laminated Steel", both . 26" Vulcan Steel Barrels Choked SK/IC. Stock looks walnut and is carved with a criss-cross pattern. Double Barrel Shotgun English or BelgiummadeDouble Barrel Shotgun English or Belgiummade engraved ''London Fine Twist'' possibly 10 gauge 46'' long; SHOTGUN - Circa 1900, double barrel EnglishSHOTGUN - Circa 1900 . Additionally, these guns incorporated a lifter mechanism for opening, rather than the top lever that most folks are familiar with. EARLY PARKER DOUBLE BARREL SIDE LOCK SHOTGUN. All rights reserved. New Gear Designs Added! 4. Membership comes with a subscription to the famous quarterly publication, the Parker Pages, exclusive access to member forums, discounted rates on Research Letters as well as access to PGCA events. of "Infallible" in a 2 5/8" U.M.C. This can be con by using a fine steel wool and a fine oil lime 3 in One. Hammerless Parker shotguns were available across gauge, and from their most basic configurations to the highest and most ornate. The Parker shotgun was resurrected in the 80s no doubt because of the loyal following of very avid Parker shotgun enthusiasts. I have one I shoot. Additionally, our rifles are available at all different price ranges so there is a gun for every budget!. Description Overall length: 46 - ". English Double Barrel Shotgun. 26" Titanic Steel Barrels Choked M/F. These were not the Parker guns we are most familiar with. 8 ga. 3-1/2 Chambers. "It was built by hand. "Nitro Club" shell with 1 1/4 ounce of #8 chilled shot. An order was placed with Parker for an exceptionally high grade gun, which was supposed to be gifted to the Czar, but did not make the trip because of the outbreak of World War I. If the gun is either a flint lock or percussion they will most likely be attached by a wedge pin going through the forearm. Seller: Steve Barnett Fine Guns. Parker - VHE Grade, SxS, 16ga. will rupture the slowly growing defect. These are often safe in older barrels including 2-, 21/2- and 234-inch loads from #4 to #9 shot, with paper or plastic hulls. Although a fire destroyed the original records credible information points towards just over 12,000 Parker Reproductions being produced. Good. The Parker shotgun around the turn of the century would remain essentially the same, except for a notable reworking of the mechanism in 1910, for the remainder of production years. Breech area of left bbl is stamped "3-1/2". The bottom of the frame has a mallard rising out of the slough. H & J.W. In my years I have seen negligant discharges, including a cocked hammer gun being let down that fired up into the air as the hammer slipped passed the thumb of a very careful shoutgun handler and perhaps the experience has me wary. BAYARD DOUBLE BARREL SXS SHOTGUN, 12 gauge, PARKER BROS. "P" GRADE DOUBLE BARREL SXS. Parker Reproduction A-1 Special 20-gauge. So, the short answer to your question is: Somewhere between $20 Beautiful & fine original condition Parker Grade 1 12ga Fishtail Toplever Hammer Gun -#1 Frame made with orig. The 26 and 30 inch Vulcan Steel barrels have been refinished and are equip, Parker vh 12 ga 28 mod full gun is in perfect cond 100% wood great case color on rec dog plate plate . W Parker Blackpowder Shotgun Antique London Fine Twist - 13052241. During those years, new features like single triggers, Beavertail forend, and vent ribs were introduced as options on Parker guns. ANTIQUE PERCUSSION DOUBLE BARREL SXS SHOTGUN. London gun's marking. As well, since it is new - please read the following: This is a new forum - so you must REGISTER to this Forum before posting; If you are not a PGCA Member, we do not allow posts selling, offering or brokering firearms and/or parts; and The overall condition is very good. 28" Barrels. 3oz. Remington Model 1894 SxS Shotgun High Condition. 2010-06-19 00:24:51. PARKER GRADE 1 LIFTER HAMMER DBL BBL SHOTGUN. vitry-le-francois, Apr 5, 2018 . equivalent) ammunition. fired at all. Next we need to determine where the gun was made. Extractors, Fine Damascus steel barrels, Fine walnut imported stock, Parker Brothers Double Barrel Shotgun fitted with 30 inch damascus barrels, checkered round knob pistol grip walnut stock and checkered walnut forearm, silver initial plaque on the stock behing the up, Very nice 12ga fishtail top lever hammer gun in Grade 0 (V Grade) made with 30" twist steel barrels. HAMILTON DOUBLE BARRELL SHOTGUN. If the 2nd letter is in cursive writting it could either be the Birmingham Bank preliminary testing mark or the London Bank magnum smokeless powder mark. So, the short answer to your question is: Somewhere between $20 and $100,000. 26" Barrels Choked SKEET IN/SKEET OUT. I'll have to check out your questions and get back with you. Excellent original colors. Parker CHE collector condition special order forearm made in 1928. Bore/Chokes Right/Bottom: .667/, Beautiful DHE parker 20 gauge made in 1903 has original Damascus 28 inch barrels choked cylinder and improved modified,nice shinny bores. S/N: 200079. Reproduction in whole or in part without the express permission of Project Upland is strictly prohibited. That having been written, a "Best Quality" gun from Holland and As for the guns themselves, Parker employed a very popular method of sizing the guns action to the gauge of choice, resulting in frame of action sizes. If you are not a PGCA Member, we do not allow posts selling, offering or brokering firearms and/or parts; and One comment stumped me: what is meant by the statement that the advisability of entering the woods with a hammer gun presents its own set of ethical and moral questions that I will not dive into here. Not asking you to dive into the questions, but broadly speaking, what set of moral and ethical questions are associated with using a hammer gun? on Feb 04, 2019. American, late 19th, PARKER P GRADE DAMASCUS HAMMER DOUBLE BARREL. Pats meaning partridge, aka ruffed grouse. Click Here Where do I find the serial number of a parker london fine twist. Smith Double Barrel Shotgun. parker shotgun london fine twist. Very rare Parker Bros. Grade 2 (GH) 8ga hammerless - made on a #6 Frame with 36" barrels - a magnificent and rare beast! Made with 30" Damascus barrels that have the imp, Rare original Parker Bros. Squirrel poster. Next determine what proof marks there are if any. Pistol grip stock with LOP 14 1/4 inches to original skeleton, ID # 8329 Make PARKER BROS Model TOP LEVER HAMMER Configuration Hammer Gauge / Caliber 10 GA Price $2,250.00 Serial #, 1879 Under Lifter 12 gauge Barrels were cut down to 27.5" 8.4 Lbs. Holland (or one of the other famous English makers) would probably Call us on (860) 225-6581. Description. Routing number of commercial bank of Ethiopia? Gauge: 12 gauge. It has a 1 frame and 30in barrels choked full and modified. In Parker Brothers almost 80 years of business, it is presumed that they produced nearly 245,000 shotguns. Biddle. WEST PLAINS PAWN A+(11467) Seller's Other Items. There is a metal butt plate with etching and the . Outdoor Hub, LLC (d/b/a Carbon Media Group), 30800 Telegraph Rd, Suite 1921, Bingham Farms, MI 48025 USA. The hang tags accompanying each gun indicated the loads for which the gun (and barrel steel) was designed. PARKER GH 12GA 28 F/IC. W. Parker London Fine Twist Black Powder. Featured Gun Classifieds Parker Shotguns - Antique, #152XXX #6 FRAME 36" DAMASCUS BARRELS WITH PERFECT BORES AND GREAT PATTERN ON THE BARRELS DOUBLE TRIGGER EXTRACTORS SPLINTER FOREARM PISTOL GRIP ORIGINAL UNTOUCHED CONDITION WITH CASE COLO, 12 gauge, 30" with the Whitworth steel barrels marked "PIGEON" , No. Cal. HOME; GUNS FOR SALE. The Parker Reproduction started in in 1983 with the imprint Parker Reproduction by Winchester although Winchester was never involved in the reproduction. Parker offered frame sizes from 000 (introduced with the .410 in 1927) up to 7 in some of the 8 gauge guns. Serial # 17105, FINE 19C. This is not to be confused with Parker Bros. Each lock plate is marked "PARKER". Westley Richards & Co. Droplock. 26" Barrels. One of around 500 set built. Single selective trigger, auto ejector, highly figured straight grip stock , lots of case color, b, This gun is beautifully engraved in the C grade style engraving. the next were what you see. Shotguns were commissioned from the Olin-Kodensha plant in Japan, which was already producing several of Winchesters firearms at the time. Here we present an antique Parker of London Double Barrel 12 Gauge Percussion Shotgun, circa the 1860s in England. The gun is a factory original two barrel set, both fine damascus, o, c1876 12 Gauge PARKER BROTHERS UNDERLIFTER Grade 0 HAMMER Shotgun Antique 12 Gauge Side by Side Hammer Gun Made In 1876 Here we present an antique Parker Brothers Grade 0 Double Barrel 12. Some of our favorite authors like Foster, Ford and Spiller toted Parkers in the field and wrote about them frequently. None of my references indicate that J. Manton and J. Manton London Fine Twist markings are attributable to any specific maker. General configuration matches the book. 28" RARE Vent Rib Barrels Choked M/F. . It's a mid-19th century British import in good condition, field grade, nothing fancy or particularly valuable. Stock looks walnut and is carved with a criss-cross pattern. It has W. Richards on the locks. W PARKER BLACK POWDER DOUBLE BARREL SHOT GUN WITH RAM ROD "LONDON TWIST" STAMPED ON BARREL BUTT PL. The Old Pats Society is an organization originally founded in New England. This one is interesting, a chocolate patina covers the barrels and hammers. Solid question. The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. Parker Bros. Description. 2 7/8 chambers, matte rib, lots of case color, with minus staining on the bottom, straight grip with lots of trigger, ON HOLD Parker Reproduction DHE 12 gauge "Steel Shot Special". Stay tunedmore questions to follow. 28" Barrels. The rib is stamped "London Fine Twist", it should say "Belgian Fine Twist". 2 Chambers, DHBP, pistol grip, Parker Single selective trigger, auto ejector, splinte. We're going to need a lot more information to give you more than The 13 indicates bore ga. diameter - a tight 12 bore, sounds like. Capped pistol grip stock, splinter forend, double triggers, automatic ejectors, non-automatic safety, period recoil. A 1908 hang tag for a 12g Remington 1900 KE (Remington Steel) Hammerless states that the gun was targeted with 24 grains (3 1/4 Dr. 2 5/8 in chambers. GunID: 4377. Membership to the organization cost $40 annually, as well as life membership options ranging from $500 to $5000. From your brief description, this may not be a Parker Bros. shotgun, but one manufactured in Europe. Double Barreled 12 Gauge Shotgun: VERY RARE COLT PRESENTATION DOUBLE RIFLE. The final discriminating factor in gun selection was the grade of the gun. Checkering is in fine condition. Who is Jason crabb mother and where is she? There are no numbers that I can see. Production continued in Meridian until 1934. Built on what appears to be a #3 frame with 30-3/16" twist bbls that have tapered smooth. ANTIQUE DOUBLE BARREL SIDE. I have no desire to have barrel flower wall art or become wall art of sorts myself. The gun also has what appears to be a brass seal which looks like a penny ran over by a train? Cal. ANTIQUE ENGLISH SHOTGUN FLOOR LAMP, 10 gauge. Generally, they sell in the $90 to $125 range. We pulled the barrels from the stock and they indicated this shotgun was proofed at the Birmingham Proof House..and was almost certainly made there as well. Bores. Can you tell me about a Filbert Parker brand gun? W. Richards Side x Side 16 GA Hammered Shotgun: *c.1900 Belguim Made 16ga. Wish I could located a replacement to make the gun hole. Parker - VH Grade, SxS, 16ga. 26" Barrels Choked SKEET IN/SKEET OUT. (1) W. Richards, William Moore & Co. side by side double barrel, Oval bowl, maker: "EP," London, 1822, twist, Moora Double Barrel Hammer Shotgun. It locks tight with lever slightly right. I understand the London Twist to be the manufacturing process of the barrel but know very little else about this gun. EXTREMELY RARE C.B. After the war, Parkers entrepreneurial spirit and manufacturing background led him to a vision of a gun with manufactured parts but hand assembled to ensure quality. Gun features automatic ejectors. Values for W. PARKER ENGLISH SHOTGUN; 12 ga., SxS double London fine twist barrels, percussion cap, Birmingham, ca. ANTIQUE PERCUSSION DOUBLE BARREL SXS SHOTGUN, Ward & Son 10 gauge Double Barrel Shotgun,muzzle. It does have a number located under and between the barrels: 277.73 is the markings, not sure if it's some kind of serial number or something else? Early Damascus or twist steel guns may be safe to shoot, and there is ample discussion on both sides of that heated debate. It does look similar to the British "Birmingham" proof mark (as found on page 1769 of "The Blue Book" 24th eddition). Smith 20 gauge made its appearance. King double barrel English shotgun, London Fine Twist, nice condition, length barrel is 29.25". Parker was acquired by Remington Arms in 1934, though manufacturing continued in the Meridian factory until 1938 when production was fully moved to Ilion, N.Y. Production of the Parker shotgun slowed and eventually stopped in 1947 when the final gun left the Remington factory. The proof loads laid down in 1856 for double barrel shotguns of 13 gauge were for first or Provisional Proof 328 grains of powder behind a .690 ball of 493 grains. This answer is: How much is a jc gubb London twist double barrel worth. Quality 2 top action Parker. Welcome to the new PGCA Forum! 2 5/8 in chambers, Parker Brothers Side by Side Hammer Shotgun, 12 Gauge, Fine untouched original condition Parker Grade 0 hammer gun with fascinating period original case and accessories, Beautiful early Parker Bros. 10ga Grade 4 Lifter - very scarce lightweight gun on a #2 Frame, Rare original Parker Bros. "Squirrel Poster" by Bert Sharkey. Guns & Military Artifacts > Lifetime Gun Collection. Parker Brothers 12ga. maybe it had marking but can't make anything out? Serial, English Flintlock Double Shotgun by Heathcote. If it is a flint lock, the hammers will have screw clamps for holding a piece of flint in place. If it is a breech loader there will be a lever on top of the rear or side of the gun and pushing it to one side or down causes the gun to open for loading. Though not original Parkers, the reproduction guns are viewed by many as very high quality firearms, and in some ways potentially superior to their predecessors because of modern machining. 20 ga. Grips could be full pistol, semi-pistol or straight grip. To do this the barrels will have to be removed from the gun. Antique London "PARKER" Double Barrel Shotgun. PARKER BROTHERS MODEL SXS DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN. Typo Article reads An order was placed with Parker for an exceptionally high grade gun, which was supposed to be gifted to the Czar, but made the trip because of the outbreak of World War I. Should read but did not make the trip. 30 Vulcan Barrels Choked M/F. Is the singer Avant and R Kelly brothers? Gorgeous & rare, all original Parker GHE 20ga with rare factory options - A&F Gun in excellent unaltered original condition! I am not saying that you can not practice phenominal gun handling, and that carrying such a gun will be safe, only that I can manufacture a great number of dangerous scenarios in the field that are eliminated by simply carrying a more modern shotgun that does have a mechanical safety. 10 ga. SN 6029. Additionally, even if you follow all ethical codes, and apply the hammers only upon a dogs point, there will still be a duration of time that the gun is live when walking in on the point etc. Not that there is anything particularly special about the gun other than its fully functional, I thought the butt plate was noteworthy. Your email address will not be published. Shop Women's Zella Sleeveless and tank tops. The proof mark is definately there but difficult to discern. That means the gun has damascus barrels. William Parker 16-gauge, double barrel percussion shotgun, 19th C., lock plate stamped Wm. What did the Nazis begin using gas chambers instead of mobile killing units and shooting squads after a while? parker shotgun london fine twist. Philadelphia Double Shotgun by R&W.C. Are there any other markings on top of the barrels or locks? Actually, there are a couple of twist barrels in the collection and I won't be firing any of them. Gun has original pistol grip and original lined buttplate. SOLD - $465.00. Thank You! Soak a pad of steel wool with the oil and rub the metal gently to remove rust and dirt.Now we have to determine if the gun is a muzzle loader or a breech loader. H & J.W. Parker - VH Grade, SxS, 12ga. LOP is 14 1/2" As you can see it has been broug, SUPERIOR PARKER 12 GAUGE HAMMER TOP LEVER 0 GRADE DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN CIRCA 1885. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 2 chambers, dual ivory sights, splinter forend, pistol grip, DHBP , Miller Single Selective, Parker - DHE Grade, 0 Frame, SxS, 20ga. google photos io 2017 Last Edit: February 06, 2021, 04:03:46 AM by pilot Logged Pukka Bundook. ANTIQUE WILLIAM MOORE & CO SIDELOCK SHOTGUN, BELGIAN PERCUSSION SHOTGUN. Receiver is case colored with oil finished wood, Fleur de lis checkering. GOOD SOLID, Parker Brothers Grade 3 Damascus Shotgun 12 bore 32" damascus barrels Made in 1892 Bore is ok Hammerless Grade 3 engraving on receiver has pheasants surrounded by scroll work on bot, Parker Brothers GH Grade 2 Damascus Shotgun 12 bore 30" damascus barrels Made in 1903 Bore is very bright and shiny Hammerless Grade 2 engraving on receiver has prairie chickens sur, left hammer and screw replaced just like right hammer but no engraving it is original but not engraved every thing works fine, RARE PARKER BROS. AAH {LIVE PIGEON} DOUBLE 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN, *Rare* Parker Bros 10 Gauge Front Action SxS Serial No. 30 Vulcan Barrels Choked M/F. The last area to check is the length of the chamber to validate the chambering of the gun. This gun started life as a VHE 28 gauge on a 00 frame: this firearm was reborn at the hands of the worlds finest craftsman. The marking should read London Fine Twist. Very early in the beginnings of Parker Reproduction Shotguns the owner, Tom Skeuse, PARKER BROTHERS DHE 20GA -- FACTORY HANGTAG -- 30" TITANIC STEEL BARRELS CHOKED FULL AND FULL -- PISTOL GRIP WITH ORIGINAL CAP -- SPLINTER FOREND -- EJECTORS -- TWIN BEADS -- SILVERS PAD -- GUN R, Parker Bros DH Grade 3 SXS MFG 1901 12 GA, 30" Titanic steel barrels, 2 3/4" chamber, IM/FULL (.024/.037), #2 frame, double triggers, extractor, non auto-safety, splinter forearm, ca, Parker Brothers VHE SXS Shotgun 16 GA 26" barrels, 2 1/2" chambers, IC/MOD (.005/.010), #1 Frame, double triggers, auto-ejectors, auto-safety, splinter forearm, capped pistol grip st, Parker Bros. DHE Grade 12ga, 30 Modify and Full Chokes, #2 Frame, serial #119XXX, Titanic steel barrels, beavertail forearm, selective single trigger, automatic ejectors, 14 len, Possibly the finest custom engraved Parker you will ever see. MAKE OFFER. JavaScript is disabled. Parker Shotguns A Vintage Shotgun History, The Difference Between a Deutsch-Drahthaar and a German Wirehaired Pointer, Pheasant Hunting Ammo and Chokes A Pheasant Hunters Guide, Understanding Shotgun Chokes How to Choose a Choke Size for Hunting, German Shorthaired Pointer The Most Popular Versatile Dog in the World, 28-Gauge: The Exception of the Sub-Gauge Shotgun, Difference Between the Original Fox A Grade and the Savage Fox A Grade, Gordon Setter Breed History, Standards and Origins, Development and History of the Irish Red Setter, Weatherby Orion 20 Gauge: Over/Under Shotgun Overview, Harrington and Richardson Topper 58: A Shotgun Overview, The Upland Shooting Life, by George Bird Evans, New England Grouse Shooting, by William Harnden Foster. Steel Shot Special, Parker Reproduction DHE 20ga/16ga Two Barrel Set, Parker VHE 12 ga. High Condition 32" barrels. Antiques & Collectibles > Guns and Civil War Collectibles Auction. Barrel and wood have been coated with shellac. EARLY PARKER DOUBLE BARREL SIDE LOCK SHOTGUN. As they pertain to Parker Bros. shotguns, from lowest grade to highest, not necessarily in perfect order, they are - Ordinance Steel, Decarbonized Steel, Twist, Plain Twist, Stub Twist, Laminated Steel (early), Damascus Steel (in several different grades and iterations), Laminated Steel (later), Bernard . Good bores. Barrel Tang Muzzleloader Blackpowder Rifle pistol Musket shotgun. Many of these old shotguns were chambered for 2-inch, 258-inch and, of course, 2-inch shotshells. Contact us f, Serial #51690--Strong original color case hardening (approximately 50% remaining), dog's head butt, fish tail top lever, and twist steel barrels. MAKE OFFER. Description, A 10 gauge Parker underlever hammer double, A 12 Gauge Parker underlever hammer double, DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN. It may be worth as much as $200 at retail - selling to a dealer will net you less than $100. Smith Hammer SxS Shotgun. You MUST REGISTER your REAL FIRST and LAST NAME as your login name. Product Information MAKE: PARKER BROS. MODEL: FINE LONDON TWIST Finish: BLUED Caliber/Gauge: 10 GAUGE Bore: GOOD Barrel Length: 29 1/2 * L.O.P. Parker Bros. 36 1/2" barrels are good with brown finish; Smooth bores show light . Parker - GHE Grade, SxS, Frame, Skeet Gun, 12ga. Description: We are offering for sale an Antique LONDON MADE Side by Side shotgun chambered in 12GA. This can be con by using a fine steel wool and a fine oil lime 3 in One. 26" Barrels. The shotgun was manufactured in Japan and many debate that the quality of this shotgun was superior to the original Parker shotguns. If the gun is a muzzle loader we have to determine if it is a flint lock or a percussion cap fired gun. 9oz. Not with modern ammo and not with blackpowder (or His love of all things upland has led him to travel and hunt around the United States and fostered his affinity for double guns and bird dogs. 12 Gauge. I had not realized how limited the production runs were for these guns and feel fortunate to have recently found one. There is an oval monogram at the normal lower butt stock location. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission, which supports our community. Wild Bird and Hunting Dog Series: Shop Now Dismiss, Our site uses cookies. As a result there were many combinations of frame, grade, and gauge produced, and even greater when considering the many features a customer could select. Parker Bros DH Grade 3 SXS MFG 1901 30" Barrels 12 GA, Parker Brothers VHE SXS Shotgun 26" Barrels 16 GA, Parker VHE 12 ga. High Condition 32" barrels, Parker CHE 16 Gauge "O" Frame W/28" barrels, Parker 28ga/26" Custom Engraved by Winston Churchill, *Rare* Parker Bros 10 Gauge Front Action SxS Serial No. Barrels have 9. Possibly a Birmingham made. Like getting the gun properly expected and using the proper loads in them. Striking the barrels is the name of a process of filing and sanding shotgun barrels to remove heavy pitting and scratching from the outside surface. We can do this by any proof marks found on the bottom of the barrels. It is factory original and, Parker - DHE Grade, SxS, 0 Frame, 20ga. Bores are excellent. View Item in Catalog Lot #195 (Sale Order: 195 of . $1,875.00. A teacher walks into the Classroom and says If only Yesterday was Tomorrow Today would have been a Saturday Which Day did the Teacher make this Statement? i got an old one, they sent it to Japan for a pattern and we received two patterns back 28 and 12 ga, with frame size correctly but the stocks way over size. Parker - VHE Grade, SxS, 00 Frame, Skeet Gun, 28ga. This gun was made in 1860's by W PARKER in London. Sights: Metal bead front sight Weight: 9.6 lbs L, Antique PARKER BROTHERS Double Barrel SIDE x SIDE HAMMER Shotgun Stub Twist Classic Shotgun Made in 1888! A sunburst brooch, Books: Large assortment of classic titles. The sideplates have a generous amount of case color. MAKE OFFER. 26" Titanic Steel Barrels Choked M/F. T Walton 12 Ga. Side By Side Percussion Shotgun: ANTIQUE PARKER BLACK POWDER SHOTGUN: Antique. parker shotgun london fine twist. If it is a percussion cap fired gun there will be nipples on the back of the barrels to hold a percussion cap and the hammers will be solid. 26" Special Steel Barrels. VERY NICE PARKER CHE DOUBLE BARREL 12 GAUGE SHOTGUN. The top of the barrel rib is marked "WARRANTED LONDON FINE TWIST". 12 ga. 30" bbls. No intentions of firing the gun. Frame size was marked on the barrel lug. Formerly of Smith & Wesson, King was largely responsible for the technological advances with the design of the Parker shotgun. The locks are tight, hold half cock and it has surprisingly nice and smooth bores. Oh, I hate it when someone is trying to get information on a gun and it's not in his possession. Seller: Hahn Auctioneers, Inc. Parker Bros (also known at various times as Parker Brothers Manufacturing Company, Parker Brothers Guns, and Parker Bros. Made with splinter forend, double triggers, extractors. Click on the results to view more details Guns of various gauge were made on different frame sizes. Ernest Blythe. Where all could they be? William Moore was probably born in 1787. SxS shotgun originally 12-gauge P-Grade Parker PT hammerless shotgun made in 1891. still fetch $50,000 as a wall hanger. Most members are former employees of Remington and are known for their Parker collecting. Specifications Maker: PARKER Model: TROJAN Gauge/Caliber: 16 GA Barrel Length: 28" Chambers: 2 1/2" Rib Design: SOLID CONCAVE MATTED Weight:6lb. MAKE OFFER. Parker - DHE Grade, SxS, 0 Frame, Skeet Gun, 20ga. MAKE OFFER. There are over 1300 members of the PGCA in the United States, Canada, Australia, and England. Specifications Maker:PARKER Model:DHE Gauge/Caliber:16 GA Barrel Length:28" Chambers:2 3/4" Rib Design:SOLID CONCAVE MATTED Weight:6lb. Serial, L.C. American Gun Company Double Barrel Shotgun. Parker on each side, 37 inch barrel marked "London Fine Twist". Condition: finish wear, loss, rust. Features a straight grip, skeleton butt, splinter forend, single selective trigger, auto ejector. Damascus Steel Double Barrel Shot, Antique Double Barrel Shotgun late 19th century,side, L.C. You can catch our past interview with Art Wheaton who is a founding member of the Old Pats Society and passionate Parker collector. most valuable basketball cards 1990s, sudden blackout for a second nhs, toni iuruc first wife,
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